1) N-COUNT: usu with supp A period is a length of time.

This crisis might last for a long period of time.

...a period of a few months.

...for a limited period only.

2) N-COUNT: with supp A period in the life of a person, organization, or society is a length of time which is remembered for a particular situation or activity.

...a period of economic good health and expansion...

He went through a period of wanting to be accepted...

The South African years were his most creative period.

3) N-COUNT: usu with supp A particular length of time in history is sometimes called a period. For example, you can talk about the Victorian period or the Elizabethan period in Britain.

...the Roman period...

No reference to their existence appears in any literature of the period.

...the most difficult periods of history.

4) ADJ: ADJ n Period costumes, furniture, and instruments were made at an earlier time in history, or look as if they were made then.

...dressed in full period costume.

...replicas of period instruments.

5) N-COUNT: usu n N Exercise, training, or study periods are lengths of time that are set aside for exercise, training, or study.

They accompanied him during his exercise periods.

6) N-COUNT At a school or college, a period is one of the parts that the day is divided into during which lessons or other activities take place.

...periods of private study.

...taking his scripts to school in order to learn the lines in free periods.

7) N-COUNT When a woman has a period, she bleeds from her womb. This usually happens once a month, unless she is pregnant.
8) ADV: cl ADV (emphasis) Some people say period after stating a fact or opinion when they want to emphasize that they are definite about something and do not want to discuss it further.

I don't want to do it, period.

9) N-COUNT A period is the punctuation mark (.) which you use at the end of a sentence when it is not a question or an exclamation. [AM]
(in BRIT, use full stop)

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